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Simple, lightweight, easy to use and very effective:

The VT21/2-30C is a small step down from the VT3-30C with a 400,000 BTU/hr rating and a smaller diameter torch head creating a slightly more concentrated flame and ideal for use with a flame hood. It is a very effective kit and is a great choice for jobs which don’t require the power of the VT3-30C.

VT21/2-30C is also available with a flame control squeeze valve and handle! Perfect for spot weeding and instances where full flame is not continuously required. The valve will quickly pay for itself in propane savings! Order VT21/2-30SVC.

Red Dragon 400,000 BTU (squeeze valve) VT21/2-30SVC

£166.00 Regular Price
£149.40Sale Price

    Hundreds of uses year round.

    FLAME weeds in your yard, garden, concrete cracks, rock gardens, driveways, and along 

    fence lines. Perfect for controlling growth along the chainlink fence. Flaming reduces or
    eliminates spraying chemicals and is a lot more fun than pulling weeds.

    BURN weeds and brush, stumps, debris and more. Start charcoal, campfires, burn barrels
    and back fires.

    THAW frozen water pipes.
    Melt snow and ice off steps, sidewalks, driveways and nonflammable surfaces.

    HEAT metal castings, pipe and tubing, branding irons, pots, kettles, tar, asphalt and roofing

    STERILIZE bird and animal cages, pens and other nonflammable confinement areas.

    DRY or thaw sand, dirt and other materials used in construction and excavation.

    REMOVE paint, grease, oil, plastic and other residues from metal, concrete and other
    nonflammable objects

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