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Quality hand made weeders with a lifetime Warranty


Flame weeding is the most environmentally friendly way to control weeds without harmful chemicals! 

FLAME: weeds in your yard, garden, concrete cracks, rock gardens, driveways and along fence lines. 

BURN: heavy weeds and brush, stumps, debris and more.

STERILISE: poultry,bird and animal cages, pens and other non-flammable areas.

DRY: or thaw sand,dirt and other materials.

HEAT:   metal castings, strip paint, tar, asphalt and roofing materials.

REMOVE: paint, grease and other residues from metal concrete and other non flammable objects

                                                                                                      Flame weeder

                                                                                                       Weed Burner

See The Range In Action

See The Range In Action

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Flame Engineering, Red Dragon

Woodbine Farms are the authorised UK & European distributor for Red Dragon products by Flame Engineering USA.

Manufacturing quality hand made flame weeders for over 63 years with a

lifetime manufacturing guarantee!

We supply and service the full range of Flame Engineering garden and agricultural range of flameweeders.

If you are looking for anything specific or need information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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